Gobstopper bw

Lucy Dorothy Nichols is a paper and textile artist based in Hampshire, England.

Lucy spent much of her childhood drawing, painting and sewing, from painting enormous murals over her brothers’ bedroom walls to stitching together her own dolls. And although graduating from Imperial College with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, she has never stopped making.

“I’ve always loved being creative, particularly with textiles, taking even the plainest of fabrics and trying to create something special with a few well placed stitches.

Recently I returned to University, wanting to build upon my years of making with some formal teaching, and explore new techniques. It was during this time I discovered a love of working with paper, culminating in the creation of my pinball machine, designed to promote the ideology of learning through play. “

Made entirely out of paper, The Gobstopper is a concept for a children’s interactive science exhibit, illustrating the process of digestion in the human body.

The paper dress Lucy made at the beginning of her course, was selected for the “Inspired by ..” exhibition run in association with the V&A, and shown at the Morley Gallery, London.

Lucy now devotes her time to creating work, which indulges both her passion for stitching and newfound love of paper. Inspired by a love of simple lines, humorous touches and a quest to blur the boundaries between paper and fabric.

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