UCA End of Year Show

The Gobstopper

Inspired by Fritz Kahn’s Man as Industrial Palace poster, The Gobstopper has been designed as a concept for a children’s interactive science exhibit, to illustrate the process of digestion in the human body.

To engage the intended audience, analogies have been made with children’s toys and games, primarily pinball, but also catapult, windmills, marble runs and Mouse Trap.

This conceptual piece has been realised using paper, with the intention that if it were to be produced, a more suitable material be used, such as plastic or wood. The components, the various organs, would be modular in form, allowing children to construct the digestive system for themselves.

The accompanying film,  may be viewed by clicking on the following link – The Gobstopper.

The Gobstopper - UCA End of Year Show

The Gobstopper – UCA End of Year Show

Pinball Model.

Pinball Model.

2 thoughts on “UCA End of Year Show

  1. Rob

    Looks fantastic. Also impressed by the video and audio soundtrack! Would definitely inspire a whole new generation of doctors if available in schools!

    1. LucyDorothy Post author

      Thanks! Hopefully, a trainee doctor would move on to something a bit more anatomically correct before finishing their training!


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