The Gobstopper installed at last!

Phew . . . at last The Gobstopper is finally in position for the forthcoming end of year show.

The Gobstopper - UCA End of Year Show

The Gobstopper – UCA End of Year Show

The pinball model and the IMac running the film, are set into a housing I created, which is designed to be a halfway house between a pinball machine and a display cabinet. Originally I created a housing from papier-mâche, and designed it to look a lot like a real pinball machine, with buttons at the side and on the front. However I felt it detracted from the actual pinball model itself, so I created a new version, much simpler in appearance and using materials similar to the model itself. I also cut away the top section of the housing around the pinball model, so that it looked more like it was sitting in a display cabinet and so that it could be viewed more easily.

A sturdy wooden base is hidden underneath to support the IMac, the model and the housing. Originally I was planning on painting the legs of this wooden frame white or at least covering them with paper, but in the end I painted them grey. I think they give the pinball machine a feeling of solidity left grey, and the colour works well with the grey of the floor.

The headphones, were a bit of a pain. My tutor, quite rightly, thought that ideally they should be white. So I bought a pair, even checked the length of the cable before I bought them to make sure they’d be suitable. A  2m long cable, easily long enough I thought, actually no, not nearly long enough. So I ended up having to make holes in the housing to ensure they were much more accessible, which wasn’t really something I wanted to do, at such late stage, but luckily worked out fine in the end.

As a finishing touch, the hook to hang up the headphones, references the two blue gobstoppers in the film.

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