The Gobstopper

For the purposes of presenting my pinball model at the end of year show, I realised that it was fairly essential to have a video of some kind, showing it working.

I wanted the film to show the story of a piece of food, moving around the body. I thought a gobstopper would work quite well, representing the food element. Gobstoppers, not only are round like a marble but come in a great array of colours, which would work well against the pure white of the model, and are associated with being a treat, fun, and even theatrical in the way they change colour the more they are sucked. So I thought a Gobstopper would work well.

Slide2 Slide3

I used stamps to create a title sequence, to give the film a handmade quality, thereby linking to the hand made nature of the model. I also started off the film by having a shot of a child taking a gobstopper from a dispenser made of Lego, thereby referencing a link again to children’s toys.

A link to the finished film can be found hereĀ The Gobstopper

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