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Yay, just had an email from the Morley Gallery to say that the paper dress I made during my Fine Art rotation, right at the beginning of the course, has been selected for their exhibition Inspired by . . . Inspired by . . . is a national arts competition open to anyone in part time education, it was launched by and is normally held at the V&A, but this year it’s been entrusted to the Morley Gallery. You were asked to submit work inspired by pieces in the collections of the V&A and the V&A Museum of Childhood. So I chose to submit my paper dress, which I created after looking into the parallels between paper and fabric. It was inspired by an Organza Origami dress in the V&A collection, which was created by Lie Sang-Bong for his Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

Paper Dress

Paper Dress, 2013

Organza Origami Dress, Lie Sang-Bong, 2009

Organza Origami Dress, Lie Sang-Bong, 2009

Having managed to find a lovely local picture framer, who was prepared to frame it for me at very short notice, and over a bank holiday weekend too, am now looking forward to taking it up to London for the exhibition, and having a chance to look at everybody else’s work too. Not a bad way to celebrate finishing the end of my course, should be fun.

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  1. Nigel Reeve

    Hi Lucy, saw your gobstopper pinball in the end of year show and was very impressed. A great piece of work and very nicely executed. Congratulations on the selection of your paper dress for Inspired By. It’s amazing that you made that so early in your course. Well done indeed. Nigel.


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