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Inspired by . . . Exhibition

Yay, just had an email from the Morley Gallery to say that the paper dress I made during my Fine Art rotation, right at the beginning of the course, has been selected for their exhibition Inspired by . . . Inspired by . . . is a national arts competition open to anyone in part time education, it was launched by and is normally held at the V&A, but this year it’s been entrusted to the Morley Gallery. You were asked to submit work inspired by pieces in the collections of the V&A and the V&A Museum of Childhood. So I chose to submit my paper dress, which I created after looking into the parallels between paper and fabric. It was inspired by an Organza Origami dress in the V&A collection, which was created by Lie Sang-Bong for his Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

Paper Dress

Paper Dress, 2013

Organza Origami Dress, Lie Sang-Bong, 2009

Organza Origami Dress, Lie Sang-Bong, 2009

Having managed to find a lovely local picture framer, who was prepared to frame it for me at very short notice, and over a bank holiday weekend too, am now looking forward to taking it up to London for the exhibition, and having a chance to look at everybody else’s work too. Not a bad way to celebrate finishing the end of my course, should be fun.